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The information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not be made ​​public.

The data collected will be used only for academic purpose and scientific research.

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How my organisation can join the project?
You can join the project becoming a tester or, if you want to be partner of the overall project, you can contact us.
How can I use CSR4U TOOL?
You can use CSR4UTOOL as a test, or you can use the results deriving from the test to enrich your CSR strategy or your sustainability report. You can use the results as a moment of reflection.
How long does the test?
The test as an hour of duration, but you can pause it when you want and complete it in another moment.
For what purpose the data will be used?
The data will be used only as academic purpose or scientific research.
If I don’t agree with the results how could I send you my complaints?
Yes, we enjoy proposal and suggestion from our stakeholder! Please contact us as the email provided in the apposite section of this website.
Are there any fees or sunken costs?
No, there aren’t fees of sunken costs it is completely free.
Who is responsible for data protection?
The responsible of the project is the team presented in the apposite section.
Are there any kind of data protection or privacy policy?
You can find the privacy policy in the footer.
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