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CSR4UTOOL is a web tool co-financed by an EU-funded project called LOIEs (Lessons and Options for an Integrated European approach to CSR) that involves several partner from different Eu countries.

The confirmation of a sort of lack of easily usable tools for SMEs to approach CSR arguments is a preliminary result of LOIEs.

CSR4UTOOL is a scientific test that allows companies to assess their practical skills in the field of CSR.

CSR4UTOOL has been developed in partnership with the Department of Management of University of Turin by a team composed by Laura Corazza (Ph.D. Student in Business and Management) and Prof. Maurizio Cisi (Associate Professor).


CSR4UTOOL test is a composition of several core questions in the field of CSR.

Questions posed are the results of a benchmarking process of the most used Eu reporting guidelines, both for profit and not-for-profit organisation as:


UN Global Compact

AA1000 (Stakeholder engagement)

GBS (Italian National standard)

ISO 26000

Confindustria SMEs guidelines


CSR4UTOOL tend to evaluate the CSR skills of a firm reporting the results as a Carroll’s Pyramid of Responsibilities (1979).

CSR4UTOOL tries to solve the problems arising from academic studies on CSR-aware SMEs. For a literature analysis please, contact the site administrator.

CSR4UTOOL recognized as SMEs priorities:

Easy to understood language

CEO/administrative staff filling out

Low-cost procedures

No consulting fees

Low time spending

Save the progress and skip the question

Low information retrieval costs

Strategic screenshot of the Economic, Social and Environmental performances

Recognize particular stakeholder (i.e. family in family businesses)

Impact of the sector and countries

Ethical and moral values

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